Let’s Talk About BOUNDARIES!

So guys, on the theme of getting paced spiritually…BOUNDARIES. I don’t know how this topic makes you feel, but I know when I heard the word “boundaries”, it used to make me feel uncomfortable and somewhat defensive. What would run through my mind were things like: “Boundaries is that awkward talk mom and dad sit…

Radical Prayer

I was recently challenged with the thought that maybe my prayer isn’t as radical as it should be. When I pray, do I pray with total expectation and confidence? Do I pray big, or do I pray safe?…

Step of Faith

It’s often easier to choose the path of least resistance- easier to go with the more rational and secure option instead of choosing something that will require trust and be difficult. But…I’ve learned that it won’t satisfy.

Authentic Beauty

There have been many attempts to normalize phrases like “every size is beautiful” or “there is beauty in everyone”….but these attempts, though they are sincere, aren’t the answer.

Time to Rest

Oh man. I don’t even know how to start this post. In the last months I’ve been super convicted of the fact that I need to take more time for rest. Ironically enough, I started this blog post late at night when I should have been sleeping…

Breaking the Shackles of Anxiety

My moments of anxiety bring me closer to heaven as I draw near to God. It pulls me out of my present reality, and into the presence of my Saviour.